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Melting glaze crucible

Product Numbers: RY-1.6-18

Product type: Melted glaze crucible

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Product details
It is made of selected high-quality raw materials and processed by modern ceramic technology. It is mainly used for melting of glass, glaze and polysilicon.

Technical Parameters

name Melting glaze crucible
Shell structure
  • High purity, corrosion resistance, impurity content is not more than 0.10%
  • High strength, compressive strength at room temperature ≥70MPa
  • High thermal shock resistance, 1100 ° C-repeated operation of water quenching more than 10 times, still intact and long service life
  • Furnace effective size 1.6L, 3L, 5L, 10L, 18L to choose from
    Working power
    Fastest heating rate
    Temperature Control System
    Furnace door structure
    Heating element
    net weight 5-30KG
    Optional accessories
    Open door and power off
    Quality Certification ISO9001-2008
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