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12L1400 ℃ experimental furnace

Product Numbers: HLS-8-14

Product Type: Experimental furnace

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Product details
HLS-8-14 is a high-temperature experimental furnace, which uses silicon carbon rods as heating elements, thyristors, intelligent temperature regulators and S-type single platinum rhodium thermocouples to support the temperature measurement and adjustment of the internal temperature of the furnace Automatic control. The maximum temperature of the furnace is 1400 ° C, which is mainly used in powder baking, ceramic sintering, high temperature experiments, chemical analysis, material processing, and quality inspection.

Technical Parameters

name 12L1400 ℃ experimental furnace
Shell structure
  • 60 Adopt double-layer shell structure, make the temperature of the shell surface less than 60 degrees
  • Furnace material using mullite fiber
  • Furnace effective size 300 * 200 * 200MM
    Working power
  • AC380V / 50HZ
  • Maximum power: 8 KW
  • temperature
  • ≤1300℃ Working temperature: ≤1300 ℃
  • 1400℃ Maximum temperature: 1400 ° C
  • Temperature control accuracy: +/- 1 ° C
  • +/- 5°C Temperature uniformity: +/- 5 ° C
  • Fastest heating rate
  • /min Recommended heating rate: <10 / min
  • Maximum heating rate 20 / min
  • Temperature Control System
  • 16 段可编程控制 Intelligent 16- segment programmable control
  • S type thermocouple for temperature measurement
  • Setting break and over temperature protection
  • Furnace door structure Side open
    Heating element Silicon Carbon Rod
    Dimensions 670 * 580 * 940MM
    net weight 80KG
    Optional accessories 氧化铝坩埚、计算机控制软件、可移动炉架、垫砖、无纸记录仪 Door plugs, crucible pliers, high temperature gloves, anti-loss heating elements, thermocouples, bricks, alumina crucibles, computer control software, removable furnace racks, bricks, paperless recorders
    Open door and power off Customized according to customer requirements
    Warranty One year
    Quality Certification ISO9001-2008
  • 10℃/min In order not to affect the service life of the instrument, we recommend that the maximum heating rate and cooling rate be 10 ° C / min
  • After using this box furnace for a period of time, a small crack will appear in the furnace. This is a normal phenomenon and will not affect the use. At the same time, it can be repaired with an alumina coating.
  • S Na 等,请提前告知,我们将对炉膛进行特殊处理 Corrosive gas is not recommended, if you want to pass strong corrosive gas such as S , Na, etc., please inform in advance, we will carry out special treatment for the furnace
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