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Baidu and Musical Writing Association agree to share copyright proceeds with musicians

Updated: 2012-01-17 11:08:56 Clicks: 617 times
In the afternoon of March 31, Baidu and the Chinese Music Copyright Association (referred to as the Musical Writing Association) announced that they have reached a cooperation. The two parties will jointly establish the main channel for music and song copyright cooperation, which means that the music and lyrics right holders can pass through the Musical Writing Association as the main channel To obtain relevant copyright benefits.

On the Internet, various types of music copyright holders are widely distributed. How to find an effective authorization method is a huge challenge for the legalization of digital music. Baidu was the first Internet company to co-develop the copyright cooperation main channel with the Music Writing Association.

According to reports, from 2008, Baidu began to work directly with Rolling Stone, Sawyer, EMI and other song and song rights holders to obtain the right to use related songs and songs on Baidu. Based on this cooperation between Baidu and the Musical Writing Association, the authorizing main channel of digital music works has been further established. The license fee for related music works is paid by the Baidu to the Musical Writing Association, and the Musical Writing Association transfers relevant rights in accordance with relevant regulations. people.

Zhu Guang, Baidu's vice president of marketing and public relations, said that Baidu has always attached great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights and will actively cooperate with relevant institutions through its own efforts to actively explore new models of giving back to music copyright owners. Online music is an online application that is very popular among China ’s 400 million Internet users. On the one hand, Baidu Music Platform will use better products and technologies to provide Internet users with a better music experience for free. On the other hand, we always think that songwriters are digital The fundamental driving force for the prosperity of the music industry. This cooperation with the Music Writing Association is a major milestone in our long-standing adherence to the legalization of digital music and giving back to copyright owners.

Liu Ping, deputy director general of the China Music Copyright Association, said that the Music Writing Association is the only collective management organization of music copyright in China, representing the broadest rights of domestic and international music songwriters, and Baidu is China ’s largest digital music sharing platform. The demand of more than 400 million Internet users. The two sides use their respective advantages to take practical action to solve the problem of digital music copyright authorization that has been outstanding in the industry for many years. This has a ground-breaking historical significance for the entire digital music industry in China.

Liang Kangni, general manager of Baidu's Music Division, revealed that since November last year, Baidu has actively explored effective ways to protect the rights and interests of songwriters and songwriters with the Music Composition Association, and has carefully formulated and divided the sharing plan based on the overall use of the Baidu Music Platform. Assessed that Baidu will regularly provide a report on the playback and download data of each song to the Music Writing Association. This calculation method has been in operation for more than a year and has been approved by the partner institutions. In order to ensure that the cooperation can truly be fair and transparent to song and song copyright owners, Baidu is also developing a new system that will support all song and song copyright owners to obtain statistics of downloads of their works on the Baidu music platform.

At the same time, Liang Kangni also said that the current music copyright mainly includes the song and song copyright and adjacent rights. The former is mainly composed of songwriters and songwriters, while the latter is mainly composed of artists and record companies. In addition to the song and song copyright cooperation, Baidu has also signed a cooperation agreement with more than 80 music recording agencies around the world on neighboring rights, and is currently in further negotiations with other music recording agencies.
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