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Baidu "fat micro" one-click group launch spawns "box micro control"

Updated: 2012-01-17 11:11:50 Hits: 1070

CCW News: Netizens' "changeable map" was an authentic "state control". How can there be delicious and fun, "changeable map" is always the first time in instant chat tools or social networking sites The status bar is updated at the same time. But when she started to realize that her status was always drowned by various social information such as logs and photos, the "changeable picture" became a complete "bib control", but soon got new troubles: in order to take into account several Fans of Weibo account, a Weibo, log in multiple times. Until recently, she found out that Baidu could actually be used for "microblogging", so she became a new "control"-"box micro-control".

"Box Wei" means "Box Weibo", users can directly publish Weibo content to Sohu, Tencent, Netease Weibo through this application directly. As long as you type "Send Weibo" in the Baidu search box, you can trigger the "Weibo Online Group Send" application calculated by Baidu Box (as shown below). At the same time, select and log in to the corresponding Weibo publishing portal to send a Weibo content to multiple Weibo accounts in one click.

The author found that, in addition to using Weibo Online Group Sending to send Weibos on the box, Weibo can also be published directly through the Baidu search box. When the search content of a netizen is identified by Baidu natural language as a demand for Weibo, it will trigger the "Box Send Weibo" application prompt. For example, by entering a phrase similar to Weibo content, such as "look forward to good weather tomorrow," the user can choose whether to post the content to Weibo and click to implement it.

It is reported that since “Box Weibo” was launched on a low profile, the application has become increasingly popular among netizens, and its novel, simple and efficient Weibo experience has also caused word of mouth among the majority of users. Netizen "Harolden-Huo Huo" said: "Baidu pushed the box to post Weibo, I feel really good." Netizens "Yanyu Huanong" also said that when the number of Weibo users across the country reached 100 million, Baidu launched the "Box Weibo", which opened a era of Weibo for all. Netizen Li Yuan commented more macroscopically: "The speed of Baidu's development is really unthinkable, especially since the box calculation was put forward, things that you can't think of will appear in front of you. The humming song is in front. Search, Baidu map, this is not coming again, we can tweet on Baidu, it seems that innovation can really change everything. "

A relevant person in charge of Baidu told reporters: "The" Box Weibo "application developed by Baidu is still in its infancy, and only supports text content and URL publishing within 140 words. In the future," Box Weibo "will Based on the actual needs of users, increase the release of pictures, videos, and other content, improve interactive functions, and expand the cooperation platform to better implement the innovative application of one-click group microblogs, reduce the threshold for users to post microblogs, and increase users' microblogs. Bo experience. "With a continuous stream of innovation-driven and technical support, maybe we can predict that in addition to" Wei ", the box of Baidu will also be powerful.

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