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2011 China Charity Rankings Released

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On April 26, 2011, the eighth China Charity Rankings released by the Ministry of Civil Affairs was officially announced at the National Convention Center. Baidu, as the only shortlisted Internet company, was named one of the top ten charity companies of the year.

"In 2010, Baidu has used its own efforts and persistence to actively implement public welfare undertakings and give back to the society. This is the reason for this award." The organizer commented that whether it is the establishment of Baidu Public Welfare Foundation, Practice public welfare with more professional management; or implement "Sunshine Action" to eliminate bad information from the Internet; or actively participate in education and send the latest information and the most advanced courseware for rural teachers; and the Poverty Alleviation Foundation jointly launched the "Love Package" "To send laughter to the children, Baidu Charity, like the seven-color sunshine, looks plain and simple, but has the warmth and strength of sunshine.

At the award ceremony, Zhang Dongchen, assistant to Baidu's president, said that the new public welfare in the Internet era has become a hot topic that the media and society have paid close attention to, and the Internet has also become the main channel for society to understand public welfare information and participate in public welfare activities. "Baidu hopes to promote public welfare innovation with technological innovation, make full use of the influence of the Internet platform, and make greater breakthroughs in promoting public welfare under the Internet."

In recent years, Baidu has participated in and launched a series of public welfare activities. At the beginning of this year, the Baidu Foundation was also established to focus on the areas of knowledge education, environmental protection, disaster relief and other areas to manage and practice public welfare undertakings in a more systematic and standardized manner. Just a few days ago, the nation's first Internet public welfare open platform created by Baidu was also officially launched for trial operation, which aims to provide free promotion for national public welfare organizations. At present, many 5A public welfare organizations including China Poverty Alleviation Foundation, China Red Cross Foundation, China Song Qingling Foundation have become the first beneficiaries of this public welfare platform, and other interested public welfare organizations have also You can apply to join the public welfare open platform through the official Baidu public welfare website (gongyi.baidu.com). After Baidu's background review and approval, public welfare organizations can get Baidu's free promotion services. It is expected that more than 2,000 foundations nationwide will also join in the next few years, thereby forming a public welfare ecological network with the highest transparency, the largest scale of participation, and the lowest threshold.

Cheng Gang, CEO of China Foundation Center Network, said: "Public welfare is an inevitable trend of public welfare development. Baidu has made great contributions to the openness and transparency of public welfare information through its huge platform influence and network resources. In the future, hope More foundations and companies work together to better utilize the Internet to practice online public welfare. "In his view, Baidu's series of initiatives in public welfare will fully mobilize and release the influence of Internet platforms on the social public welfare level. Provide more convenient and smooth channels for the public to obtain public welfare information and participate in public welfare actions, and further promote the realization of the public welfare goals of the entire society.

Just before being shortlisted in the "Top Ten Charitable Enterprises of the Year" list by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Baidu had just won the "Outstanding Contribution to China's Public Welfare" award from the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Over the years, a series of heavy charity and social responsibility awards such as the "2010 Earth Hour Enterprise Best Creative Award" and "China Corporate Social Responsibility Special Award" have not only recognized Baidu's practice in public welfare, but also meant that Baidu On the road of innovation and development of public welfare, it has become a pioneering force in the Internet industry.

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