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CBSI joins hands with Baidu Alliance honeymoon to attract gold

Updated: 2012-01-17 11:10:46 Clicks: 1001 times
"All CBSI's media have comprehensive and in-depth cooperation with Baidu. I hope the 'honeymoon period' can continue." Liu Xiaodong, senior vice president of CBSI (China), told reporters at the 2011 Baidu Alliance Summit. As the world's largest professional interactive content network, in 2007, CBSI China's Internet business opened a whole new page and became a member of many alliance partners in the Baidu Alliance. This is by no means the behavior of CBSI's senior executives. In fact, Baidu had covered 95% of China ’s Internet users in 2007. Liu Xiaodong, senior vice president of CBSI (China), was very impressed. "And, Baidu ’s alliance "Partners have grown very fast over the past few years." These two points eventually led to the cooperation between CBSI and Baidu. Honeymoon "suck gold" "Achieving 30 million yuan is a goal of our cooperation with Baidu Alliance." Liu Xiaodong said. Realizing this goal was faster than he expected. "We left Google in 2007 and entered Baidu. In 2008, our revenue doubled 10 times compared to 2007. Of course, it was also because of a small base in 2007." . The pursuit of CBSI does not stop there. Subsequently, whether it was its 1.0 media or 2.0 community, CBSI included it in the Baidu Alliance system. At this point, CBSI has begun a "honeymoon period" with Baidu and fully cooperated with Baidu. Even the newly acquired girlfriend network and Zhougong Jiemeng in 2010 were quickly incorporated into the Baidu alliance system. "Through the revenue sharing model, Baidu's revenue has gradually become an important source of revenue for us." Liu Xiaodong admitted frankly. In addition to bringing tangible benefits, Baidu has also saved a lot of money for alliance partners. Liu Xiaodong cited 55BBS as an example. "As a 2.0 community website, 55BBS cooperates with Baidu Alliance, such as Baidu Statistics and Baidu Advertising Manager, which can be provided by Baidu for free, without having to waste resources and build a strong team to do it. According to Baidu's financial report data, the Baidu Alliance ’s share of partners reached 10.9 million yuan in 2004. In 2010, the Baidu Alliance ’s share of revenue reached 760 million. In the past 6 years, Baidu ’s revenue to alliance partners has increased by 70 times, even exceeding itself Growth rate. How much will Baidu allocate to alliance partners in 2011? "Breakthrough 1 billion", Chu Dachen, general manager of Baidu Alliance, is very confident. Traffic brand dual assistance For website partners such as Baidu, website diversion and brand promotion are also critical. Can Baidu give the alliance partners a perfect answer in both aspects? The answer given by Liu Xiaodong is yes. He also took 55BBS as an example. This female urban community involves many fields such as wedding leave and shopping. If a large sales team is set up, it will put a lot of pressure on the capital chain. "Through the cooperation of Baidu Alliance, including the cooperation of Hong Media and Baidu TV, it can bring more high-quality content to users and customers on the website," he said. It is reported that there are currently nearly 500,000 registered members of Baidu Alliance. In response to their demands at different stages in the Internet entrepreneurship life cycle, Baidu Alliance provides members with a full range of operations from four aspects: service platform, growth plan, webmaster tools, and communication platform. stand by. Liu Xiaodong has a deep understanding of this, "Including the Ivy League and the Pioneer Forum, we can give us a lot, let us recognize more excellent strategies in the country, excellent Internet experts, let everyone's knowledge come together, and let our entire alliance partners The ability to apply the Internet, including technology development capabilities, has been improved. "He believes that these have positive significance for increasing the professionalism of website management staff. In August 2010, the Baidu Alliance also launched the "Internet Entrepreneurs Club". Since its establishment, it has carried out 9 Internet training activities, radiating millions of Internet entrepreneurs across the country, of which more than 10,000 webmasters. Support entrepreneurs in terms of communication, income, growth, and financing. People in the industry believe that Baidu ’s continued strong support for partners, coupled with a comprehensive open strategy, will help more website and web developers and entrepreneurs to grow and succeed better, and drive the entire industry to further develop and prosper. A new era of Internet openness.
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