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Baidu: Pioneer Exploration

Updated: 2012-01-17 11:10:36 Hits: 933

The April 26 World Intellectual Property Day is approaching. Looking back, many questions about online intellectual property rights remain unsolved; however, this year, driven by Baidu, China ’s Internet copyright issue ushered in a welcome turning point.

Over the years, there have been numerous Internet copyright disputes, and content creators have mixed tastes about the proliferation of piracy on the Internet. On the one hand, it enjoys both fame and fortune from the Internet, and on the other hand, it hates torts. Internet companies are limited for many reasons and have no time to consider eradicating infringing content or thinking about providing long-term solutions. But not long ago, Baidu opened a way for the healthy and benign development of the industry through brand-new thinking through cooperation with writers and musicians.

Greater ability, greater responsibility

Each time the in-depth development of new technology brings new problems. When the radio appeared, the music industry had fought back and resolutely resisted the appearance of their original music in the radio; TV series and movies also struggled with the new media on the issue of sharing. The challenges facing Baidu Wenku and music are also inevitable for the industry. However, when Baidu set up these services, it incorporated deep responsibility thinking.

Baidu Library is based on providing rich documentation resources for the education industry. The documents provided for the fields of education for middle and primary schools, foreign language learning, and qualification examinations account for 80%, providing a stage for teachers and students to use the Internet to expand their horizons and improve their autonomous learning capabilities.

As the earliest Internet platform in China that proposed a profit sharing mechanism with music rights holders, Baidu has been working hard to promote the process of legalizing music. Beginning in 2007, Baidu has signed contracts with nearly a hundred record companies around the world to protect the legal rights of music copyright owners, including well-known music companies such as Rolling Stone Records, EMI, Emperor Records, and local artists with excellent artists and song resources. The company can earn tens of millions of dollars every year through cooperation with Baidu.

Faced with the copyright issues of all parties, Yu Guofu, a well-known lawyer in the Internet field, pointed out that Baidu Library has reasonable non-infringement uses and is applicable to the State's "Regulations on the Protection of the Right to Propagate Information Networks" (also known as the Safe Harbor Principle). In 2010, when the Haidian District People's Court of Beijing tried the Baidu Wenku case, it believed that Baidu Wenku met the regulations and rejected all the plaintiff's claims.

However, Baidu did not use the "safe harbor principle" to turn a deaf ear to the voices of many rights holders. Instead, it took its responsibility to protect the copyright of online knowledge. Expand with the writer and practice into a model, establish a main channel of cooperation with the musician commissioned agency, invest heavily in the construction of a legitimate music platform community ... all of its actions clearly show the concept of responsibility of large enterprises.

The greater the power, the greater the effect

Whether it is through user payment, advertising sharing, or the platform ’s priority display and then realized through multiple forms, giving writers and other rights holders a prospect; or trying to establish a main cooperation channel with music rights parties to pay users for pay, Baidu is at a realistic level This simplifies copyright protection operations and provides a template for perfecting legal resources through technical innovation and systems.

After Baidu and Yinzhu Association reached a strategic cooperation on the authorization and use of online music works. According to the agreement between the two parties, for music searched by Baidu MP3, regardless of authorized works or unauthorized works links, Baidu will commission the Audio Works Association and the songwriters to divide according to the number of online play and downloads by users. According to media evaluations, Baidu, as the first Internet company to jointly establish a copyright master channel with the Music Writing Association, has made the copyright of digital music, especially the music and song copyright income title, “breaking the ice”, becoming an open and transparent mechanism to promote digital music. A model of fair and orderly development.

Senior Internet expert Hu Yanping once said that today's Baidu should be affirmed, at least it is one of the most hard-working Chinese Internet companies. Digital copyright protection does not yet have the ideal ultimate solution, but we welcome this constructive approach that helps multi-party cooperation and win-win.

To some extent, Baidu has become a pioneer in pursuing the legalization of copyright in the digital age. After Baidu introduced a series of measures dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of the Internet, the Radio and Television Copyright Special Committees have been born under the China Radio and Television Association; various copyright protection platforms have also launched their own large-scale copyright programs, and some screenwriter groups have even established Professional companies with both brokerage and entrusted nature. Some people predict that behind Baidu, the commercial value of information will start to be more closely examined and revalued.

In a time of change, contradictions and conflicts between new things and the old system are inevitable, but these conflicts also promote the stakeholder groups to think about the crux of the problem, and work together to achieve the establishment of a new order and industrial development of. Perhaps this is the value that Baidu explores as a pioneer.

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