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Cloud rises, wins the future and wins the future —— "the 6th Baidu Alliance Summit" layout opens a new era

Updated: 2012-01-17 11:09:58 Clicks: 1094 times

On April 12, the "Baidu Alliance Summit" with the theme of "Clouds and Dragons, Win-win Future" was grandly opened in Lijiang, Yunnan. Hundreds of partners from all over the country gathered together to have in-depth exchanges and discussions on open innovation and future development trends of the Internet with Baidu's chairman and CEO Li Yanhong, Baidu's senior vice president Shen Haoyu, and other Baidu executives. It has also attracted the attention of Baidu's more than 500,000 alliance partners and the entire Internet industry.

Different from previous alliance summits, many small and medium-sized webmasters and individual developers are active at the site of this conference, forming a unique landscape. This is also in line with the biggest highlight of the current Baidu Alliance Summit-the Baidu APP platform is fully open, providing a broad innovation and development platform for many small and medium-sized websites and third-party openers to help them realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

It is reported that since its establishment in 2002, the Baidu Alliance has experienced nine years of development, from the era of traffic-based search to the era of the entire network based on audience attention, and now it has entered a leapfrog "open era." At this brand-new stage, not only have users' Internet application needs become more individual and diverse, but also the cooperation between various roles in the Internet industry chain has become flatter. As the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu will use the full openness of the APP platform to build a new collaborative system. Under the concepts of openness, sharing, and win-win, Baidu will work together with partners to promote the open nature of China's Internet industry. And innovation atmosphere to create a vibrant Internet ecosystem. "Baidu will spend tens of millions of dollars each year to encourage innovation, bring effective improvements to partners in terms of brand, traffic, revenue and other aspects, and help industry development." Shen Haoyu, Baidu's senior vice president, revealed.

Along the way, the influence of the Baidu Alliance has been increasing day by day. At present, more than 500,000 partners have joined the Baidu Alliance and have grown rapidly. Among them are well-known companies such as Shunwang Technology, which have successfully listed, and college graduates who have just graduated. In the view of Haoyu Shen, in the search era, the focus of Baidu Alliance is how to bring more benefits and rapid growth to partners based on search. In the era of the entire network, Baidu launched a broader network alliance business based on search services. , While continuously improving the partner's share of rewards, it also helps partners optimize the user experience and increase the conversion rate of traffic to revenue. In the open era, in addition to Baidu's continued investment in search and network alliance business, it will also use the APP platform The comprehensive opening of the company provides users with a more convenient and high-quality user experience, and provides partners with huge growth space and brand value benefits. It is foreseeable that based on the cooperation of Baidu's application open platform, applications with annual revenues of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions will emerge in the future, and developers will have more transparent and fair competition opportunities to become China's Internet prosperity. , Healthy, sustainable development.

At this summit, Baidu not only announced the full opening of the APP platform, but also clarified the ways for ordinary developers to join the APP platform and benefit from it. Baidu will implement a series of measures, such as the "Baidu Application Growth Fund" program, and strive to enable developers to realize the return on cooperation and cooperation based on the Baidu open platform, injecting momentum into their continuous innovation. Baidu stated that it hopes to take the open platform based on the frame computing architecture as the core, while providing high-quality application experience for hundreds of millions of Internet users, and build a huge for third-party application developers and operators to encourage innovation, promote growth, and win returns. The stage has truly formed a benign health mechanism that helps the growth of various roles in the industry chain.

In addition, Baidu also introduced a series of favorable measures aimed at helping partners to grow and accelerate the formation of a benign Internet ecosystem, including Hong Media's business and increasing the share ratio. Multiple perspectives such as service help partners to grow in all directions. At the Baidu Alliance Summit last year, Baidu released three major measures to help the development of alliance partners, covering revenue, service and growth. And this year, "Baidu will continue to increase investment in the technology and resources of the network alliance business; continue to enrich and optimize alliance products to match media and promote customer needs; continue to increase the proportion of high-quality traffic and high-quality advertising space for network alliances, so that partners Share greater benefits. "Chu Dachen said that Baidu hopes to base on a comprehensive and open strategy, cooperate with partners to win-win, promote each other, and ultimately promote the upgrading of the entire industry. "And this is the direction of the next stage of Baidu Alliance."

Baidu's series of new measures and statements have received great attention from partners and developers. Industry insiders pointed out that relying on Baidu's strong brand appeal and mature promotion model, the Baidu Alliance has developed into the largest and most powerful online promotion alliance in China after years of careful operation. Baidu's continued strong support for partners, coupled with a comprehensive open strategy, will help more websites and web developers and entrepreneurs to grow and succeed better, and drive the entire industry to further develop and prosper, ushering in a brand new Internet Open times.

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