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Authoritative nuclear radiation monitoring data logged on Baidu open platform to eliminate public panic

Updated: 2012-01-17 11:09:36 Clicks: 564 times
On April 2nd, according to the latest news from Xinhua News Agency: China ’s provinces except Tibet have detected very small amounts of radioactive materials, which will not cause harm to China ’s environment and public health. No protective measures are required. Recently, due to the continuous development of nuclear leaks caused by the Japanese earthquake, the latest developments in nuclear radiation have also become the topic of most concern to the people of our country.

At noon today, the reporter found that in the world ’s largest Chinese search engine Baidu search for "radiation monitoring" and "Chinese nuclear radiation" and other words. On the results page, you can directly see the latest monitoring data of nuclear radiation in China from the official website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Netizens can always follow the dynamics of nuclear radiation data in their cities.

The reporter called the relevant person in charge of Baidu and learned that within a few hours of the data being online, the relevant search volume for logging in to the Baidu open platform to query the results of nuclear radiation monitoring had exceeded 10,000 times. The person in charge of Baidu's open platform said that these information are all official information from the Ministry of Environmental Protection, so that netizens can learn authoritative and accurate information as soon as possible. In addition, Baidu also presents links to the introduction of radionuclide tritium on the website of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, scientific knowledge about nuclear radiation and other popular scientific knowledge, so that the public can understand and correctly understand the status of nuclear radiation and eliminate panic.

It is understood that in the previous "purchase of salt" storm, Baidu used the "box computing" open platform to timely transfer government information to the public, allowing rumors to "survive" after only 2 days to restore peace. As the world's largest Chinese search engine, Baidu covers more than 400 million Internet users across China and responds to nearly billions of searches every day. It has become the most influential information acquisition portal on the Internet.

People in the industry said that in an era of unprecedentedly complicated information dissemination on the Internet, due to the asymmetry of information dissemination and the status of authoritativeness on the Internet, some inaccurate information could easily cause panic among the people. The Baidu Open Platform united relevant government departments as soon as possible, using search engine technology and Baidu's influence as an Internet platform to deliver authoritative monitoring data to netizens in a timely manner, which greatly helped to eliminate the panic caused by the lack of timely access to the correct information.
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