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Details of controlling industrial kilns

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Preheating air preheater Since the 1950s, the main methods of using preheaters in industrial kilns in China are tube furnaces, cylindrical radiant furnaces and cast iron block furnaces, but the AC power is low. There have been jet-type, jet-radiation, and bench-top heat exchangers, which have carried out preliminary treatment of low- and medium-temperature waste heat recovery.
Preheated air preheaters The main way to start using preheaters in industrial kilns in China is tube furnaces, cylindrical radiant furnaces and cast iron block furnaces, but the AC power is low. The domestic research and development already has a jet type. , Jet radiation, desktop heat exchanger, etc., preliminary treatment of low and medium temperature waste heat recovery.

It plays an important role in recovering flue gas waste heat below 100 ℃ and improves heat exchange capacity. However, at high temperatures, the application of heat exchangers is still limited by raw materials, low service life, large maintenance workload, or expensive solid costs. influences.

The ceramic heat exchanger has been successfully developed in China. Its production process and kiln furniture have basically the same thermal conductivity and oxidation resistance as the main functions of the data. The principle is that the ceramic heat exchanger is placed near the flue outlet and the temperature is high, and there is no need to mix cold air and high temperature maintenance.

When the kiln temperature is 1250-1450 ℃, the flue outlet temperature should be 1000-1300 ℃, the waste heat recovered by the ceramic heat exchanger can reach 450-750 ℃, and the recovered hot air can be sent to the kiln and gas mixture for incineration, which can save energy. 35% -55% to directly reduce production costs and increase economic benefits.
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